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Spiritual Committee Schedule

Day/Date Code S No Start End Details Location
Saturday, 5/28/2016 SC01 1. 8:30 AM 9:00 AM Inauguration Procession: The procession will start from Entrance (Omni Hotel Bridge) and come towards the stage in the Main Arena. The procession will be lead by the Vedic Chanters, NATA Leadership, Spritual Committee Guests, Spritiual Committee Team members, All guests and committess and participants and everyone From Omni Hotel, Level 2 to Main Stage, Arena
SC02 2 9:00 AM 9:30 AM "Lighting the Lamps - Swami Abhishek Chaitanya Giri (Maha-Mandaleshwar of Jagadguru Sannyasa Ashram in Rishikesh, India), Swami Sarveshananda {National Director of Chinmaya Mission Yuva Kendra (CHYK) West} along with other dignitaries. Poojaris from LA and Dallas to do inaugural Pooja at the Inauguration of the Convention. Swami Abhishek Chaitanya Giri and Swami Sarveshananda will speak to bestow blessings on the convention." Main Stage, Arena
SC03 3 1:30 PM 4:00 PM Panel Discussion (in English); Is Spirituality relevant for a success seeking modern youth?; Led by Swami Sarveshananda. Attended by Parents, Teachers and Special guests. Including Special Topics by Kalyan Viswanathan (Hindu Studies in American Academia) and Gauthami Vemula (Karma Yoga) C One (Level 2)
SC04 4 4:00 PM 4:45 PM Yoga for Special ailments (Diabetes, Stress Relief, Heart Problems); Demo – Talk by Dr Sri Krishna Chandaka C One (Level 2)
SC05 5 4:45 PM 5:30 PM Talk on Vemana Tatwam (Telugu) by Swami Paratmananda, Chinmaya Mission C One (Level 2)
Sunday, 5/29/2016 SC06 6. 7:00 AM 8:30 AM Yoga by Dr Sri Krishna Chandaka C 144 & 145 (Level 1)
SC07 7. 9:00 AM 10:00 AM Devotional Songs and Musical Session; Singers: Smt Kalyani Dwibhashyam, Sri Parupalli Ranganath and Chaya Devi. This will include Govinda Namalu by Sri Parupalli Ranganath C One (Level 2)
SC08 8. 10:00 AM 11:00 AM Venkateswara Mahatmyamu; Talk in Telugu by Sri Vaddiparthi Padmakar C One (Level 2)
SC09 9. 11:00 AM 12:30 PM Devotional Songs and Musical Session; Singers: Smt Kalyani Dwibhashyam, Sri Parupalli Ranganath and Smt Chaya Devi. C One (Level 2)
SC10 10. 1:30 PM 4:00 PM Panel Discussion; "Strike the balance and win the battle"; How Spirituality can help elevate your life; Led by Swami Abhishek Chaitanya Giri. Includes Speaker Dr Prakasa Rao Velagapudi (Role of Temples) C One (Level 2)
SC11 11. 4:00 PM 5:30 PM Devotional Songs and Musical Session; Singers: Smt Chaya Devi, Smt Kalyani Dwibhashyam, Sri Parupalli Ranganath C One (Level 2)

Spiritual Guests:


Swami Abhishek Chaitanya Giri

Swami Abhishek Chaitanya Giri is the head of Jagadguru Sannyasa Ashram in Rishikesh, called respectfully as Maha-Mandaleshwar. While maintaining the spiritual traditions of the Ashram and putting in efforts to take the Ashram to greater heights of glory, Swamiji also travels to places in India and to countries like Malaysia, Hong Kong, Philippines, Indonesia, Italy and France where eager gatherings welcome him. In early 90s, he heard Swami Chinmayananda and was deeply touched. In 1996 he took up in-depth Vedanta studies at Chinmaya Mission, Mumbai. Under the able tutelage of his Acharya, Swami Anubhavananda, he emerged as an able teacher of the sacred texts. After serving Chinmaya Mission for a few years, his destiny took him to Vrindavan where he did sadhana under the guidance of Swami Vishwatmananda, a senior disciple of Swami Akhandananda, the renowned Vedanta master.

In 2011, he met Swami Ramananda of Jagadguru Sannyasa Ashram. Suffering from 3rd stage cancer, the older Swami was much impressed by the young Brahmachari, and expressed a wish to anoint Abhishek Chaitanya as his Uttaradhikari (heir). The Brahmachari accepted it as the Lord's will. He stayed with and lovingly nursed Swami Ramananda till the latter left his mortal coil.

Receiving formal initiation into sannyasa in 2013, and being made a Maha-Mandaleshwar, he moved to Rishikesh where the Sanyas Ashram is located.

Swamiji enthralls audiences around the world with his unique style of discourses on the Vedanta. He is an integral part of The Swarupa Iyengar Yoga Institute in Malaysia, a country he visits on an annual basis to impart in-depth teachings of the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. He has plans to serve the cause of Sanskrit, the language which showcases the essence of India and her universal acceptance through right knowledge.




Swami Sarveshananda

Formerly known as Bramhachari Uddhav Chaitanya, our acharya Swami Sarveshananda was bestowed Sanyasa Diksha (order of renunciation) by Pujya Guruji Swami Tejomayananda, Head of Chinmaya Mission Worldwide, on the auspicious occasion of Maha Shivaratri (March 03, 2011).

Inspired by Pujya Gurudev Swami Chinmayananda, Swami Sarveshananda joined the Vedanta Course at Sandeepany Sadhanalaya in Mumbai in 1993. After completing the course in 1995, he was initiated as a Brahmachari and posted as the Resident Acharya of Chinmaya Mission, Vijayawada where he served until June, 2002. Thereafter, he was appointed as the Resident Acharya of Chinmaya Mission in Dallas, Texas, by Pujya Guruji, Swami Tejomayananda.

Swami Sarveshananda is also the National Director of Chinmaya Mission Yuva Kendra (CHYK) West, the youth wing of Chinmaya Mission West. CHYK West manages CHYK chapters all across North America including West Indies. CHYK West aims to increase spiritual awareness among youth and young adults (18 - 35 years) so that they live life purposefully - with a clear and noble personal vision and an attitude of service to the community.

Swami Sarveshananda was himself a CHYK while growing up in India, and received direct guidance from Pujya Gurudev, Swami Chinmayananda. A dynamic and engaging speaker, Swami Sarveshananda works tirelessly to spread the wisdom of Vedanta through retreats, workshops, camps and innovative youth programs that inspire young people. Swami Sarveshananda has touched many lives through his service, dedication and loving presence. He is popular with children and youth because of his ability to connect with young minds.

Swami Sarveshananda's weekly schedule includes conducting satsangs, study groups, Devi groups, and Bala Vihar sessions. Additionally, Swami Sarveshananda holds other events at the mission such as training sessions, annual camps, picnics, walkathons, and the popular lock-ins for children. He is also frequently invited by Chinmaya Mission centers all around the country to conduct Jnana yajnas and annual camps. In spite of a demanding schedule, Swami Sarveshananda is never too busy to bring cheer to little child, guide a restless teenager or joke with volunteers to light up their day. Swami Sarveshananda handles his busy workload with a smile. His calm demeanor and easy-going nature puts everyone at ease. He advises, "Walking the spiritual path is not easy, but it's worth it. An ounce of effort makes a world of difference to us and the world around us."

Swami Paratmananda

Swami Parathmandaji, a disciple of His Holiness Swami Chinmayananda, hails from Andhra Pradesh, and is particularly adept in Vedic chanting and pujas. Swami Parathmanadaji completed his brahmachari Vedanta course in 1997, under the tutelage of Pujya Swamini Saradapriyananda. He served primarily in Chinmayaranyam and Chinmaya Gita Ashram near Tirupati, and currently posted to Beaumont,Texas - USA. Swami enjoys traveling, meeting different people, learning about various cultures, and most of all, Vedanta. He enjoys working with all age groups and describes himself as "fun and friendly"

Vaddiparti Padmakar


"Pranava Peethesdbipeti", Power Peta, Eluru, W. Godavari District, Andhra Pradesh, 534002, India. Telephone: +91-8812-23-7728

Date of Birth:

January 1, 1966


Sri Chalapati Rao and Smt. Seshamani Vaddiparti

Literary Career:

Avadhanam is the demonstration of literary genius by simultaneously replying to questions from subject matter experts in the field of literature, poelry, mathematics, -science, music and other-knowledge focused entities in poetic form. It can be done with either 8, or 100 such simultaneous questioners as well as working with a similarly talented person as a duet. Telugu language has the unique distinction in developing, honoring and training in this particular literary tradition •

  • Completed 654 Ashtaavadhaanams (8 questioners)
  • Completed 10 Sataavadhaanams (100 questioners)
  • Duet Avadhaanams (6)
  • Only one to perform Avadhanam in three languages - Telugu, Hindi and Sanskrit
  • Non-stop performance of Poetry Recitation - 756 poems in 207 minutes (3H:27Ms)
  • Extraordinary Memory Demonstration: 
    • Ability to give extensive lectures on Hindu scriptures without use of any prepared notes
    • Recitation of thousands of poems from Bhagavatam and other ancient scriptures
    • Recitation of 180 poems ex-tempore in 90 minutes       
  • Titles Awarded:
    • Abhinava Suka "Andhra Muraari"
    • "Andhre Bhaashaa Bhooshana"                       "Saraswathi Putra"
    • "Kavi Raja Sekhara"                                             "Avedheen« Kokila"
    • "Dhaaranaa Chitragupta"                                    "Bhagavata Kalyaana Krishna"
    • "Penchsemrute Pravachaka"                             "Sahasra Padma"
    • "Pourenike Saarvabhowma"                               "Dbeerenee Vedaavadhaana Nidhi"
  • Publications:
    • "Kalakinkinulu" "Sri Satya Sai Saptasati"
    • Sri Neelakantheswara Satakam (100-1 poem compilation) Sri Hanumad Mahima (750-poem compilation)
    • Three students got M.Phil, Ph.D deglfees on his life de works at Madurai Kamaraj, Nagarjuna and Osmania Universities·
  • Honors:
    • Sri Satya SaioBaba,Puttaparth!
    • "Aasthana Vidwan" of Datta Peetham by Sri Ganapati Satchidananda Swamy
    • Sri Viswaguru Viswamji
    • SriWadekar Maharaj ji & SriVasudevananda Giri ji
  • TV & Media: Pravachanams
    • "ETV2" - Tuesday & Wednesday morning 5:30am
    • "Bhakti TV" - Monday to Friday afternoon 3:30pm
  • General:
    • Well traveled in India as well as visited Singapore, Dubai and USA

Dr. Sri Krishna Chandaka

Dr. Sri Krishna Chandaka, born and brought up in Salur, Vizianagaram District of Andhra Pradesh. Has been interested in Yoga since childhood and during adolescence was an active trainer. Presently he is the founder & director of Yoga Health Clinic “the Society for Yoga Education and Research”, a NGO dedicated to spreading and training in Sanathana Dharma and the time tested Yogic techniques. After training in traditional manner under a Sadguru, has been curing numerous patients suffering from chronic ailments without medication. Since 2007 has been the “Incharge and Consultant” of a State Government Run “Yoga and Naturopathy Hospital” that is catering to the health needs of people of all sections of the society both Urban and Rural areas of Andhra Pradesh and bordering States.

Recipient of ‘Ugadi Puraskaram’ for the year 2007, awarded by A.P. State Government

Invited speaker, 18th International Congress of Vedanta at University of Massachusetts, USA, 2009. 

Special Invitee to the 15th and 18th TANA (Telugu Association of North America) Conference in Religious Forum, Detroit and San Jose, US - Presented 6 workshops in TANA conference and conducted several yoga and therapy camps/workshops/guest lectures in several Hospitals, Universities, Temples and Community centers in Detroit (MI), Dallas, Houston (TX), Van Wart, Cincinnati (Ohio), Connecticut, (Philadelphia), Chicago and Long Island (New York). Brought in awareness and excitement in many people that led to them towards healthy living and spiritual practices.

Invited speaker at TAMA (Telugu Association of Metro Atlanta) 30th celebrations in Atlanta during 2011. Conducted a special session on Anushatana Yoga, followed by 3 day workshop.

Conducted train-the-trainer sessions for Yoga Teachers to enhance their skills.

A great leader and motivator for many organizations:

  • Kaivalyadhama Yoga Institute,  Lonavala, Member, Board of Studies, Aug 2007 onwards
  • Soma Enterprise Ltd, Hyderabad, Yoga  Consultant, May 2004 onwards
  • Gurudakshina Foundation, Khammam. Helping in bringing up Yoga and Nature Cure Hospital and Old Age Home.

Service To The Society:

  • Started Yoga Health Clinic in Visakhapatnam in 2000 for healing and promoting Yoga and Naturopathy, curing spondylitis, psoriasis, paralysis, obesity, asthma and many more.
  • Worked with the Endowments Department of AP at Annavaram to start a yoga nature cure hospital that provides services to the poor people; served as Yoga Advisor cum Consultant for Endowments Department, Govt. of Andhra Pradesh from Jun 2007.

Training & Education:

  • Traditional training in the Gurusampradaya system of Sri Ramlal Prabhuji tradition of the Himalayas, under the direct guidance of His Holiness Yogacharya Raparthi Rama Rao.
  • Awarded Ph.D on Philosophical Study of Kundalini Concepts and Praxis in Classical Texts of Yoga, Tantra and Telugu Literature,  Andhra University, 2006
  • M.D. (Alternative Medicine) - Open International University of Alternate Medicines, 2001
  • P.G. Diploma  in Sanskrit - Andhra University, 2000
  • P.G. Diploma in Yoga - Andhra University, 1995
  • M.A – Philosophy, Andhra University, 1992 Anusthana Yoga Vedanta Advanced Training Course, Sri Santhi Ashram, 1990
  • Diploma in Yoga Education, S.V.Yoga Research Institute, 1989
  • Anusthana Yoga Vendanta Certificate Course, Swami Rama Tirtha Institute of Peace, 1987  

Associations & Engagements:

             Institution                                           Position held                                From-To

Academy of Yoga Consciousness                Secretary cum Correspondent               Apr 1995 - Mar 2008
Institute for Human Science & service          Faculty member (Part-time)                    Mar 2004 - Feb 2006
VAPS, College of Physiotherapy                   Lecturer in Yoga & Acupressure            Oct 2001 to Nov 2005
Swamy Ramatirtha Institute of Peace           Yoga Lecturer                                            June 90 to June 91
Institute of Yoga and Consciousness, AU    Yoga Master                                               Sept 88 to May 90
Sw. Vivekananda Yoga Vidya Peetham        Founder Principal                                    Oct 85 to Aug 88
National/State Levels Achievements:
Level                Year                                Medal                                                    Details 
State                    1986                                  Gold                           AP Yoga Championships, Rajahmundry, AP Yoga Association.
State                    1987-Mar                          Gold                          AP Yoga Championships, Rajahmundry, AP Yoga Association.
State                    1987-Dec                          Gold                          AP State level Yogasana Championships, Hyderabad, Gandhi Gnana Mandir Yoga                                                                                                             Kendra
National              1988-Jan                          6th                             VIII National Yogasana Championships, All India Yoga Cultural Federation, West                                                                                                                 Bengal.
National              1989-Feb                          6th                             VII National Yoga Championships at Bangalore by Karnataka Yoga Association
Formulated special technique of Shanti Kriya under the guidance of Yogacharya Raparthi Rama Raoji.
Received a college medal from Mansas Educational Institutions on the eve of Founder’s day sports festival
Received Yoga Proficiency Merit Award from Vizianagaram Municipality on the eve of World Health Day Celebrations.
Organizing Secretary for a National Conference on ‘Frontiers of Yoga: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow’, Hyderabad 1999.Sponsored by CCRYN, New Delhi.
Details of published work, including books, articles, papers:
Yoga Kara Deepika (Book on yoga in Telugu), SYER:Visakhapatnam, 2005
Comprehensive Yoga (Bok on Yoga in English), SYER: Visakhapatnam, 2011
Articles :
Effect of Santhi Kriya on certain pyshcophysiological parameters: A preliminary study. Indian Journal of Physiology & Pharmacology, 1992:32(2) 88-92.
Yoga: A way of Harmonious Living. In Ed. C. Lakshmi, “Social Relevance of Philosophy”, D.K. Printworld: Delhi, 2002.
Yoga Darshan, Yoga Chaitanya Prabha, a series of articles from 1996 to 1999.
Kundalini Yoga, Peace, 1990, 62 (6 & 7).
Yoga and Anxiety in Social Welfare Hostel Boys, Souvenir of the Frontiers of Yoga: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow, 1999.
Meditation and Catharsis, Souvenir of the Frontiers of Yoga: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow, 1999
Papers :
Kundalini Yoga in Telugu Texts, International Congress of Vedanta, Centre for Indic Studies, University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth, USA, 16-19th July, 2009.
Psi enhancement techniques in Classical Yoga Texts, National Conference-cum-Workshop on Yoga and Parapsychology, Institute for Human Science & Service, Visakhapatnam, Jan 3-6, 2006.
The metaphysical and pragramatic aspects of Kundalini -15th International Congress of Vedanta, Andhra University, Jan 3-6, 2005.
Workshop on Yoga Darshana - International conference cum workshop on understanding consciousness: Contemporary and Classical perspectives, AU, Visakhapatnam, October 2002.
Yoga Education: Achievements and Experiences of ‘Sadhana’, a new age school. International Seminar in G.B. Pant Institute of Social Sciences, Allahabad, January 2001.
The role of Hydro (Water) Therapy in Yoga and Naturopathy.-“Water and life”, International Seminar in G.B. Pant Institute of Social Sciences, Allahabad, January 2001.
The role of Yoga in Population control and Stabilization -“Population Control”, International Seminar in G.B. Pant Institute of Social Sciences, Allahabad, January 2001.
Kundalini in the context of Serpent-lore, The National Seminar on “Indian Religious Traditions in their interdisciplinary profiles”, May 7-9 2000, Allahabad.
Yoga: The way of Harmonious living for the new Millennium - National Seminar on “Social Relevance of Philosophy in the New Millennium” Dept. of Philosophy and Religious Studies, Andhra University, Visakhapatnam, December 2000.
Yoga and Anxiety in Social Welfare Hostel Boys.  Conference on Frontiers of Yoga: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow, 1999.
Courses conducted / Supervised in Yoga
Induction Training Program for Yoga instructors-cum-H.R. Facilitator of Soma Enterprise Ltd and Yoga Consciousness Trust, at International Institute of Yoga Research and Training, Bhimili
Yoga Instructor’s Training Course: at Sw. Rama Tirtha Institute of peace, Yogachaitanyaramam, Vijinigiri and Yoga Consciousness Trust (Visakhapatnam Branch).
P.G. Diploma in Yoga: (Affiliated to Andhra university):  Supervising and teaching Indian Philosophy, Yoga and Meditation (Theroy & Practicals) for 6 batches of students.
Certificate course in yoga: (3 months part-time) at Institute of Yoga and Consciousness, (AU).
Anustana Yoga Vedanta Certificate Course: Visakha Govt. Degree College for Women and Yoga Consciousness Trust (Visakhapatnam Branch).
Consciousness Enlightenment Course: (3 months) Sw. Rama Tirtha Institute of peace and Shanti Ashram
Self-Emancipation Course: (6 months) at Sw. Rama Tirtha Institute of peace and Yogachaitanyaramam, Vijinigiri.
Govt. teachers training in yoga:  Organized three, one month courses, A.P. Govt school teachers under the auspices of District institute of educational training Bhimili.
Workshops and Guest lectures:
Yoga for Happy, Healthy and Harmonious LivingConducted several Workshops for Eastern Naval Command Officers and Sailors and their families. And also for the Civilian Personnel.
Quality of life Programs:  Conducted several workshops and gave guest lectures as a guest faculty of Central Board for Worker’s Education.
Yoga and personality development courses, over 100 such camps conducted throughout India
Yogic management of Stress Workshops
Public Sector
o VUDA, BHPV, Hyderabad Metropolitan Water Supply And Sewerage Board, Indian Oil Cooperation, Canara Bank, Members of All India Bank Officer’s Association etc.
Private Sector
o Vijay Nirman Company (Madras), Synergies-Dooray (VEPZ), Prince Shoe Mart, Navayuga Engineering Company. Soma Enterprise Limited(Hyd) etc.,
Yoga and Art of Joyful Living Workshops
o Material Organization of Eastern Naval Command, Uni-Power etc.

Sri Parupalli Ranganath

Sri Parupalli Ranganath's every performance of his turns out to be a soulful experience for the audience. A Singer who constantly strives for perfection of his richer repertoire can alone receive such an accolade. Since Ranganath made his debut in Music concerts thirty years ago, he has repeatedly enthralled music lovers in all the major as well as the matropolitan cities in India. All his Music programmes have been broadcast on All India Radio and Television.

Family of Musicians:

Sri Ranganath was born in Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh, India, where almost everybody is wedded to music. He hails from a family of musicians and artistes. He is son of famous State & Cine artiste "Gana Saraswathi" Parupalli Satyanarayana. "Gayaka Sarvabhouma" Parupalli Rama Krishnaiah Pantul, a famous 'Classical Music Guru' is his paternal uncle.

Clasical & Devotional Music:

After completing basic Course in Carnatic Music, Sriranganath came to study at Sri Venkateswara Kalpeetham, an organisation of Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams, Tirupati. He learnt hundreds of "Annamayya Sankeertanams' and other "Vaggeyakara Kritees" under the guidance of Great Music Scholars, which are an asset to him. Earlier, he was a Senior Vocal Artiste with Annamacharya Project., Tirumala Tirpati Devasthanms, Andhra Pradesh, India and Presently he is with Hindu Dharma Prachara Parishad, TTD.

Titles & Felicitations:

  • "Visishta Seva Medal" in 2006 from Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams. Tirupati
  • "Visishta Ratna Ugadai Puraskaram" in 2011 by Kalamanjari Cultural Organisation, Vijayawada.
  • "Gaana Kala Ratna" in 1983 by Karveti Nagara Samsthanam, Karveti Nagaram, Chittur District, Andhra Pradesh.
  • Sankeertana Tapasvi in 2010 by Sankeertana Cultural Organisation at Ravindra Bharathi, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh.
  • Sankeertana Gana Payonidhi in 2011 by R.J.Media, Hyderabad at Ravindhra Bharthi, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh.
  • Felicitated by Dr.Ramanaidu at Tyagarya Gana Sabha, Hyderabad on the eve of realeasing CD "Tirumalesuniki Svaranjali" music composed by Smt. Sridevi in 2011.
  • Received Felicitations continuously for the years 1985, 1986, 1987, 1988, 1989 from Honorable Prime Minister Sri P.V.Narasimha Rao, Former Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh Sri N.T.Rama Rao, and Governor of Andhra Pradesh Dr.Rangarajan at New Delhi, India.
  • Received felicitation from Late Pendekanti Venkata Subbayya, Former Governor of Bihar at Patna
  • Felicitated by Rama Krishna Mission, Hyderabad in 1986.
  • Felicitated by Sri Mandali Buddha Prasad at K.L.University, Vijayawada during Music Festival in 2008.
  • Felicitated by Dr.C.Narayana Reddy on the eve of Annamayya Sankeertanotsav at Hyderabad Ravindra Bharathi by APSO, Hyderabad.

Smt Kalyani Dwibhashyam

Hailing from a traditional family of great scholars and eminent musicians, I started learning music from my childhood.

Educational qualifications include a Diploma in Music (Carnatic - Vocal) from Andhra University, Visakhapatnam; M.A. in English from S.V. University Tirupathi; and, M.A. in Music (Carnatic Vocal) from Potti Sreeramulu Telugu University, Hyderabad. A graded artist in All India Radio.

Received initial training from my mother late. Smt. Surya Prabh, and later on from Sri.N.Ch. Krishnamacharyulu Sri M.S.Balasubramanya Sarma, Sri. Parupalli Sri Ranganath .As a Singer, Musician and Teacher with great dedication and devotion towards Music I performed in over 1,500 Concerts throughout India and USA.


Great Grandfather:

'Sangeetha Mahamahopadhayaya' late Duddu Seetarama Sastry, a disciple of Susarla Dakshina Murthy, was the only musician and composer of the yester years, who used to perform the unique feat of 'Sangeeta Ganita Ashtavadhanam' - a combination of Music and Mathematics. He was an exponent in Vocal and Violin and also a Jantra Gatra Praveena (Singing and Playing Violin simultaneously). His scholarly pursuits were restricted not only to music but stretched to Poetry, Astrology, Mathematics and other related subjects. He had composed a number of Geethas, Varnams, Krithis and Javalis.

Grand Father:

Late Sri Duddu Ramakrishna Sastry, a Vocal - Violinist, who was first Guru of Kalyani’s mother. He was also proficient in Ayurveda.


Sri D. V.P. Ranga Rao, M.A. (English), a lecturer in English, was very much interested in music and was instrumental in making his children learn this sacred art and also runs an academy for music in Bapatla with the name Duddu Seetaramayya Sangeetha School.


Late Smt. Surya Prabha, a graduate in English Literature and diploma holder in music was Smt. Kalyani’s first Guru.

Dr. Prakasa Rao Velagapudi

Dr. Prakasa Rao attended Hindu College and National College in Machilipatnam, and received his MA degree in Rural Development and Economics at Andhra University in 1963. Then he worked at Center for the Study of Developing Societies in New Delhi 1964-65.

He came to USA in 1965 and received his MA in Sociology from Michigan State University and Ph. D in Sociology from Mississippi State University in 1971. He taught for 36 years at US educational institutions. He joined Jackson State University in Jackson, Mississippi as Associate Professor 1974 and became a Professor in 1979. In 1986, he was appointed as a Chairman of the Department of Sociology. He also served as Chairman of the combined Department of Sociology and Criminology. He retired in 2006.

He authored and /or coauthored about 70 articles in the areas of marriage and family, aging, Hinduism, criminology, sociology of sports and other areas in professional journals. He organized numerous sessions on Reincarnation, Karma, South Asian Studies, Comparative religions, Spirituality and religion at professional meetings. He coauthored books with his wife Nandini Rao, “Marriage, Family and Women in India”, “Wonders of a Holy Master I”, “Wonders of a Holy Master Volume II”, “Wonders of a Holy Master Volume III”, “God Word Volume II”, and “God Word Volume III”. He has also presented numerous papers at various organizations: Hindu Mandir Executive Conference, WAVES, Hindu Empowerment Conference, World Religious Conference, and many professional organizations.


He actively participated in TANA from 1979-1995; served in a number of committees, helped conduct Youth Camp in St. Louis, and conducted survey on identity of youth. He brought Dr. Medasani Mohan for the first time in 1989, and then in 1991 to TANA; and arranged his tour in different cities in USA. He also invited and arranged Sri Veturi’s program in Houston and other cities in 2000. He also served as the co-chair of Spiritual Committee of TANA from 2009 to 2011.


He was one of the Founding members of Hindu Temple Society of Mississippi and served as its President from 1986 to 1991. During this period, 7000 square feet Hindu Temple was built and consecrated in 1990 with Lord Venkateswara as the Moolamurthi along with 16 other deities. In 2005, a New Hindu Temple was started. Construction was completed with the performance of Pranaprathishta and Kumbabhishekam ceremonies in May 2010.


In 1990, he had the honor of meeting Sri Ganapathy Sachchidananda Swamiji of Avadhoota Datta Peetham which lead to the beginning of his spiritual journey. In 1993, he was appointed as Chairman of Datta Yoga Center, USA, responsible for coordinating all the activities of Datta Temple and Hall of Trinity, Baton Rouge, LA; Datta Retreat Center in Pennsylvania, and 24 Satsang groups in USA. He also serves as Advisor to Datta Yoga Centre in Toronto, Canada. He continues to serve in this role today.

With Sri Swamiji’s blessings, he moved to Frisco, TX in May 2009 to help coordinate the planning and Construction of KaryaSidhi Hanuman Temple on a ten acre lot with a budget of 5-6 million dollars. Four feet Marakata (Emerald) Hanuman is being carved to be installed in the Temple.


Global Hindu Heritage Foundation was started in 2006 by a group of highly professional people in USA with the sole objective of freeing the Hindu Temples from the government control by challenging the Endowment Act in the court of law. Serving as President of GHHF since its inception, he is also involved in Hindu Devalaya Parirakshana Samiti which was established in December 2006 by GHHF to help protect the Temple lands and revenues across Andhra Pradesh by taking necessary peaceful methods. He has been instrumental in MahaPadaYatra to raise the awareness of people, help coordinate Pubic Forums in Tirupathi in 2008 and 2009.

He presented papers and presentations about the plight of Hindu Temples in India in several cities in India and USA. He presented the information at Hindu Mandir Executive Conferences in Dallas, Atlanta, Washington DC, and Chicago; Hindu Empowerment Conference in Dallas, 25th International Ramayana Conference in India; Worlds Religions Conference; Sanatana Dharma Foundation meeting; and other meetings. In addition, he has presented papers at Sai Baba Temple in Florida, Hindu Cultural Center and Temple, Memphis TN, Durga Temple in Virginia; Hindu Temple Society in Tampa FL, Hanuman Temple in Frisco TX; Hindu Temple Society of MS; Devi Temple in Fort Lauderdale FL, etc..

In this GHHF effort, he has met with many political leaders such as Dr. Subramanian Swamy, L K Advani, Venkaiah Naidu, Bandaru Dattatreya, V. Ramarao, Rama Jois, Kishan Reddy, Praveen Tagodia, Ashok Shingal, Y S Rajasekhara Reddy, Juvvada Ratnakar, Aruna Kumari Galla, Chandrababu Naidu, Jayaprakash Narayan, S. Vedantam, and others to request their help to repeal the Endowment Act. He has also met with spiritual leaders such as Sri Ganapathy Sachchidananda Swamiji, Swami Baba Ramdev, Swami Dayananda Saraswati, Swami Jayendra Saraswati, Sri Vijayendra Saraswathi, Swami Sukhabodananda, Sri Vishwamji, Sadhvi Ritimbaradevi, Swami Chidatmananda, Swami Datta VijayananadaTeertha, Karuamayi Amma, and other spiritual leaders seeking their blessings in our efforts to preserve the integrity and protection of Hindu Temples.

Kalyan Viswanathan

Kalyan Viswanathan received his Masters Degree in Computer and Information Science, from Ohio State University in 1993. Until recently he was a Global Practice Head,for a Business Information Management Practice for Tata Consultancy Services. He is currently the President of Sanatana Dharma Foundation and Executive Vice President of Dharma Civilization Foundation. Kalyan has studied Hindu Scriptures pertaining to Advaita Vedanta under Swami Dayananda Saraswati, who is a traditional teacher of Vedanta and founder of Arsha Vidya Gurukulam, Saylorsburg, Pennsylvania. He is also the President of Sanatana Dharma Foundation, which is a Dallas, Texas based Non-Profit Organization. He has had a keen interest in promoting the academic study of Hindu Dharma for many years now. Kalyan has written a few papers on Sanatana Dharma and presented them at various conferences in particular the World Association of Vedic Studies i.e. the WAVES conference.

Gauthami Vemula

Gauthami Vemula is the Founder and President of Color Me SAFE, LLC. After a decade of working in a number of influential capacities at Child Protective Services and becoming aware of its shortcomings, Gauthami invested her knowledge and expertise in founding Color Me SAFE, LLC with the intention of bridging a connection between the families of North Texas and the CPS System. Now, as a Child Welfare Consultant and activist, she passionately works towards raising awareness about child abuse/neglect and advocating for families going through child protection issues.

Actively involved in the community, Gauthami serves on the boards of and holds positions in several North Texas organizations, including Hope’s Door, Empowering Women As Leaders, the Irma Rangel Young Women’s Leadership School, HEAL, Against The Grain Productions, Chinmaya Mission of DFW and Family Compass of Dallas (previously known as the Child Abuse Center of Dallas), and Dallas Women’s Foundation. In March of 2015, Gauthami joined her two CoHosts in creating and developing S.I.T (Social Issues Time), a web series, which is to a provide a forum for women of different ages, ethnicities and backgrounds to come together and discuss issues relevant and significant in today’s multicultural society. In her spare time, Gauthami shares her thoughts on being a first generation Indian American woman balancing two different cultures on her satirical blog She enjoys playing and teaching piano and studies voice under opera singer Ronana Gales. She also recently completed and published a children’s book, Ganesha Goes To First Grade. Gauthami recently founded and will soon launch a unique t-shirt line called, #UGauGrrl (You Go Girl). #UGauGrrl is a line of “wearable inspiration” that reminds women and girls that they can do anything they set their hearts on and to let their true spirits bloom and shine. Gauthami was awarded the Dallas Women’s Foundation 2014 Maura Helping Women and selected as Dallas Business Journal’s 2015 Women in Business Award. She values her family and close friends for their encouragement and support for helping her turn her littlest adventure to her greatest venture.

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(From Left) : RK Panditi, Sudhaker Patil, Gopal Ponangi, Madhumathi Vysyaraju, YV Rao, Dr. Nallu Ramappa, Dr. Subrahmanyam Boyareddi

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Gopal Ponangi


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