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SATURDAY MAY 28TH                       Conference Room Number C140& 142
Date Day Time Topic Speaker
May 28th Satday 2:00 PM-3:00PM Startups, Funding and how you grow your company.
If you are a founder looking for first-round funding or as fast growing company that need to grow strategic partners and grow your company. If you are an investor and looking to invest in emerging technologies. 
Dayakar Puskoor , Nayaventures
Raja Doddla Managing Director , Digital at TIAA-CREF
Shameer A. Soni,Senior Associate Attorney
Krishna Kunapuli ,3Lines Venture 
Sri Rao Boddapu 
CEO Cocial Commerce ventures Inc & Esolveit
Serial IT entrepreneur & Mentor
May 28th Satday 3:30 PM -4:30 PM Harvard Alumni Panel discussion. Business of Social Impact

Harvard Alumni Panel

Ramdhan Kotamaraja, Vinod yadav,

Sarad Sagar,  Irfan Alam, Priya Korrapati


May 28th Satday 4:30 PM -5:00 PM Opportunities of investment and partnerships in public health and Medical technologies in the state of AP

Poonam Malakondaiah -  Principle Secretary, Health and Medical Education, Govt. Of AP

Jitendar Sharma - Advisor to Govt. Of AP On Health and Medical technologies


May 28th Satday 5:00 PM : 5:30 PM Individual and Business Tax - What Indian Americans should know about their US & India tax compliance requirements.
  1. Sudhir Pai : CPA Founder, Mytaxfiler & myStartupCFO
  2. Gangaraju Hanumaiah : EA, Vice President - Operations
  3. Craig Cowles :  Financial Advisor
  4. Dr. BV Prasad Reddy : Income tax Commissioner, Hyderabad
SUNDAY MAY 29TH                           Conference Room Number C140& 142
May 29th Sunday 11:00 AM-12:30 PM Real estate investment opportunities – US vs India
Backdrop: NRI investment into real estate investment in India is confronted by challenges such as illiquidity of Rupee, regulatory restrictions on repatriation, foreign exchange loss, transactional transparency, and increased regulatory reporting in the US. On the other hand, real estate investment in the US, especially Texas is getting more and more attractive. Given this situation a panel discussion for an in depth analysis of comparative advantages, challenges, and pain points between two investment options available for NRIs is proposed.

Panel Discussion Ravinder Reddy Chairman
Janapriya Engineers Syndicate
Srinivas Chaluvadi
Justin Mabey

Dr Himabindu Gaddipati 

CEO & Founder Elixsys Inc

May 29th Sunday 1:00 PM -2:00 PM Business Opportunities in Health Care, Success stories

Dr Premsagar Reddy

Dr Rao Kotamarti

May 29th Sunday 2:00 PM -3:30PM Emerging trends in the world of startups – Digital trends and opportunities

Raju Datla Bhaskar Krishnamsetty Kishore Kumar Nakka Sridhar Tummala,

Satish Manduva


Dayakar Puskoor

Dayakar’s distinguished career is showcased by an impressive record of achievement in building high value mobile, wireless and telecommunications businesses. He was recognized by the US White House as a mobile technology visionary and has been a keynote speaker for numerous industry events.

Dayakar is a Managing Partner at Naya Ventures, a 50 million USD fund that invests in early-stage Cloud, Mobile & Big Data companies.  Apart from his role at Naya Ventures, Dayakar is Executive Chairman at Motivity Labs, GlobalOutlook and KeepTrax. He is also a Board Member at Altia Systems, SnapOne and Zoomingo. He is a Board Observer at Minetta Brook and an Advisory Board Member at Boxfish and Glympse. 

Previously, Dayakar owned the P&L for the Hosting & Mobility Solutions business at Microsoft. He was responsible for the incubation, development and management of new mobility solutions. He also led the $350M hosting business encompassing all product development, product management, marketing and business development. Prior to joining Microsoft, as Founder and CEO of JP Mobile, Dayakar pioneered the industry's first mobile software solutions company. He secured $55 million in financing and successfully completed its acquisition by Good Technology, later acquired by Motorola.

Dayakar began his career with Motorola. He owned the P&L for the Paging product, including all aspects of design, development and world-wide customer support. He received the Engineering Excellence Award from management at Nippon Motorola.

Dayakar is an active supporter of entrepreneurs and startups. He has been involved with the Dallas chapter of The Indus Entrepreneur (TiE) since 1999 and is currently a charter member. Among other activities, he chaired the wireless/mobility SIG of TiE, and organized a wireless seminar in partnership with Nokia, TI and others. Dayakar is a graduate of Stephen F. Austin University and earned a master's degree in computer science from Nova University.

Raja Doddala
Managing Director, Digital at TIAA-CREF.

In his current role as Head of Digital, Raja is responsible for digitization of TIAA’s institutional financial services business unit, which serves the employees of 16,000 universities, hospitals and other non-profit institutions.

Previously, Raja was Vice President, Omnichannel at 7-Eleven, Inc. and founder of 7-Ventures, the corporate VC arm of 7-Eleven.

During his tenure at 7-Eleven, Raja led 7-Eleven’s Omnichannel efforts, mobile/digital/payments product management and its venture capital investments.


Raja holds an MBA from Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas, and a masters in computer science from La Trobe University in Melbourne, Australia.

Krishna Kunapuli
General partner ,3 Lines ventures.

Krishna Kunapuli is the Founder and General Partner of 3Lines Venture Fund along with Kevin Morningstar, focuses on building a bi-directional market/co-investment bridge between international start-ups. Krishna is a successful technology investor with investments in disruptive startups in the rockies region and is well connected to investors, founders of several top accelerator programs in USA. Krishna is AI technologist by profession, founded StartpathIT, co-founded WebPresence, created and open-sourced several of his SaaS MVPs. Krishna actively engaged in leading technology investment due diligence processes, helping founders in mentoring, fund-raising, and advising startups with a portfolio success rate of 60% start-ups going to Series rounds from seed stage. Please checkout my portfolio companies @


Topic: Emerging trends in the world of startups – Digital trends and opportunities.

Emerging technology startups can be risky and isn’t for the faint hearted, but many professionals have been successful by going off the beaten path and starting companies themselves instead of working for someone else. But how? It seems like whenever one startup has a great idea, everyone immediately wants to copy it in order to replicate that business’ success. If you want to break into the market and start managing your business on your own, we will share few startup trends you need to know. All in all, startup culture is changing at a rapid pace. Which of these trends do you think will have the biggest impact overall? We will share emerging trends in areas of Digital Transformation, Cloud, IoT, Big Data and SDN. This will be highly interactive session with successful entrepreneurs from Silicon Valley and Dallas.

Speaker profiles:

Bhaskar Krishnamsetty

Bhaskar Krishnamsetty is a serial entrepreneur and has experience in the launch of emerging technology start-ups. Bhaskar is a venture partner, board member and chief advisor for multiple start-ups focusing on Cloud, Big Data and IoT markets. Bhaskar brings a depth of experience in entrepreneurship, technology leadership, corporate strategic direction and product development having launched multiple startups himself. Bhaskar co-founded one of the successful Cloud computing startups that was acquired by Cisco Systems. Bhaskar has held technical leadership and senior engineering positions at Fortune 100 companies. Bhaskar is actively involved in several non-profits and also spearheaded empowerment initiatives such as CodeForAP.

Raju Datla

Raju Datla is a serial entrepreneur and founder of multiple silicon valley startups. Raju is currently CEO of CloudFabrix, a startup focused on Digital Transformation. Prior, he was a VP at Cisco driving Data Center Management and automation strategy and led product engineering. Raju was the CEO and co-founder of Cloud computing startup Cloupia which was acquired by Cisco for $125M in 2012. Raju was also the founder, CEO and CTO of Jahi Networks which was acquired by Cisco in 2004. Raju was the Co-Founder of Nipun Solutions, a Cisco Premium partner in India. Raju is a high-tech industry veteran specializing in start-ups with minimal funding and quickly evolving them to growth stage. Raju has advised enterprise focused technology startups and continues to mentor several stealth mode startups. Raju holds MS in Telecommunications from IIT Kharagpur, India.

Kishore Kumar Nakka

Kishore Kumar Nakka is a serial entrepreneur focusing on IoE, cloud, analytics and virtualization markets. Kishore brings a depth of experience in entrepreneurship, technology, and product development having launched multiple startups himself. Kishore is a board member and advisor for multiple start-¬-ups around the world. Kishore was the Co-Founder & CEO of Pari Networks which was acquired by Cisco Systems in 2011. Kishore is actively investing and advising multiple technology start-up companies globally in Cloud, IoE, Virtualization, HealthCare, Clean Energy and Mobility areas. In addition, Kishore is actively involved in non-profits in education (Bay Area Tutoring Association) and Sustainable farming initiatives in India (Sabala Group).

Sridhar Tummala

Sridhar Tummala is a CEO and founder of a Big Data technology startup from Dallas. He is a technology executive and member of many respected US national non-profit Telugu organizations. He has actively invested in several companies and involved in several empowerment initiatives. Sridhar is actively involved in several non-profits and also spearheaded empowerment initiatives such as CodeForAP. Sridhar is an active board member of several national level organizations.

Satish Manduva

Satish Manduva is a recognized industry leader from Dallas with over 20 years expertise in building platform based solutions for Cloud, Big Data & Mobile. He was recognized as leader to represent IT industry voice on Capitol Hill. Satish Manduva is CEO of IntelliSoft Technologies, a IT Solution company serving customers with Orionox, EdBrix, FirstChex & BDaaS360 platform based solutions. Satish Manduva was founding member of Sipera Systems, a VOIP security company, funded by Sequoia Capital and later acquired by Avaya Communications. Satish Manduva is Founding President of ITServe Alliance and also Director of Irving Art of Science a non-profit helping kids to get science education.


Real estate investment opportunities – US vs India Backdrop: NRI investment into real estate investment in India is confronted by challenges such as illiquidity of Rupee, regulatory restrictions on repatriation, foreign exchange loss, transactional transparency, and increased regulatory reporting in the US. On the other hand, real estate investment in the US, especially Texas is getting more and more attractive. Given this situation a panel discussion for an indepth analysis of comparative advantages, challenges, and pain points between two investment options available for NRIs is proposed.

The idea behind this panel discussion is to set the tone for potential collaboration between real estate developers in India and investors in the US to work on projects in the USA. This kind of thought process is required in the best interest of both investors and developers since flow of capital into Indian real estate especially from retail investors has significantly slowed down.

Ravinder Reddy Kondakindi

Mr. Ravinder Reddy Kondakindi is the Chairman & Managing Director of Janapriya Engineers Syndicate Ltd., a premier real estate developer in South India. Janapriya meaning, Peoples’ Favorite has lived true to its name and as a testimony, has been declared ‘Most Preferred Builder – South India in a nationwide survey conducted by AC Nielson. Ravinder Reddy’s focus all through his career, has been on affordable housing for middle and lower middle income population which earned him a legendary status. He is easily the most recognized face of real estate in South India.

Ravinder Reddy’s legendary status and phenomenal success is largely due to his unwavering commitment to provide affordable housing to middle income population in the cities of Hyderabad and Bangalore. Under his leadership, Janapriya introduced state-of-art technology, embraced integrated operations, and launched mass housing projects and gained economies of scale. Prior to Ravinder Reddy, housing projects of such scale were never heard of. In 1996, Janapriya offered a housing unit for just Rs. 200,000 – at the then conversion rate of Rs 35 to a dollar, a home in Bangalore Metro costed $6,000. Such home owners in those days did not have access to mortgage loans from banks. Ravinder Reddy provided mortgage loans as well. He believes in aggressive branding, all with a message. One of his famous slogans was “Give up Rent House, Pick up Own House” which eloquently testifies his commitment to the common man.

Till date, Ravinder Reddy build and sold in excess of 30,000 apartment homes in Hyderabad and Bangalore. Catching up with the changing trend, Ravinder Reddy and family is now focusing on affordable luxury. They are currently working on massive up-scale residential projects in Bangalore under the brand “Ardente”

Ravinder Reddy graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in civil engineering from JNTU in the year 1976. He is a natural leader. Prior to founding Janapriya, he briefly worked in the State Public Works Department. As a Government employee, during his formative years, Ravinder Reddy provided leadership to the Association of Civil Engineers and actively represented the engineers’ concerns and grievances before the Government. He quit the Government service very early in his career in search of entrepreneurial pursuits. In the later years, Ravinder Reddy provided leadership to the Andhra Pradesh Builders’ Association. He served as its President, and as Chairman. As one of the most distinguished players in the corporate housing industry, Ravinder Reddy’s views are often solicited by Government agencies and media.

Ravinder Reddy’s affinity to middle and lower middle income population is not limited to housing and real estate. He established schools under the brand “Janapriya Schools” in most of the housing communities built by Janapriya. Under his leadership, Janapriya group of schools is committed to providing high quality education to the larger, not-so-privileged section of the society. Ravinder Reddy’s schools have an enrollment in excess of 5000 students and the group has been consistently producing extraordinary results on par with corporate schools. Ravinder Reddy’s other business interests include dairy farming. He enjoys dairy farming in his farm house in Hyderabad.

Srinivas Chaluvadi

I am a finance, strategy, change management, and performance improvement specialist with over three decades of global client engagement experience spanning across a wide array of industry verticals; project types; and functional roles. I take great pride in my extremely fulfilling and rewarding engagements with small and mid-size corporations whom I helped transform into an investment grade enterprise via a comprehensive program encompassing Best Management Practices, Internal Controls, Standard Operating Procedures, Corporate Governance, and Accounting Transparency. My engagements culminated into fund raising in excess of a Billion dollars in debt and equity.

I am an MBA from the University of Oklahoma. I hold a masters’ degree in civil engineering, also from the University of Oklahoma. I am a Certified Project Management Professional (PMP) as well – my academic credentials and hands-on operations experience provide an impeccable combination to help my real estate and construction industry clients

I specialize in industry verticals such as real estate, engineering construction, finance & banking, telecom, and pharma. I perform a wide range of tasks

• Corporate finance - debt syndication, equity sourcing, transaction advisory, and business plans;

• Strategy - planning, M&A, spin-offs; strategy brainstorming

• Management consulting - turnaround management, performance management, performance bench marking

• Performance Management - balanced score card and SWOT analysis; goal setting (SMART goals - specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time bound); Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and Critical Success Factors to measure, monitor, and monetize the corporate finance

• Organization development - best management practices, standard operating procedures; • Risk management - internal audit, controls, risk identification and mitigation

• Corporate governance - financial statements and reporting; post-merger integration; investor reporting; and management / board level reviews; I also provide a wide range of services to individuals and families, mostly in the Dallas / Fort Worth metropolitan area. My service areas and business interests include commercial and residential real estate; mortgage loans; and tax preparation. I am a Texas state licensed real estate broker and mortgage loan originator; and an Enrolled Agent (EA) admitted to practice before the IRS.

Commercial real estate investment, being capital intensive, and difficult to leverage; often presents entry barriers. We are helping several families venture into the exciting commercial real estate investment via investment pooling. With a style of governance that compares to the best of venture funded entities, our investment approach has earned the trust of several families in the Dallas area, and our project portfolio is growing by the day.

Justin Mabey

Justin Mabey is currently a Partner with Vinod Nagi in East Avenue Development, LLC a Austin, TX based commercial real estate development and investment firm. He has been involved in commercial real estate for the last 10 years. Prior to East Avenue, he was a founder and Principal at Ledgestone Group a fund that did commercial real estate development in Central Texas from 2006-2011. Justin has a professional career that includes high tech startups, IT services, mergers & acquisitions, venture capital and real estate.

Justin started working in real estate development with his grandfather until the late 1990′s when he founded a technology company.   He then worked with other technology companies, in venture capital, and within corporate development at Dell. At Dell Ventures, Justin was part of the 5 person mergers & acquisition team and worked on deals ranging in size from $5M to $1B.   Previous to Dell Ventures, Justin did work with PTV Science (medical device VC firm) and Ernst & Young in their Venture Capital Advisory Group.

As a Partner and owner of East Avenue Development Justin has been instrumental in building the company into the most active developer for Hilton hotels in Central Texas. Current projects include a 17 story Homewood Suites in Downtown Austin, multiple Home2 Suites in Texas, a Hampton Inn, TownePlace Suites by Marriott and a hotel in Utah and Colorado. Justin has great abilities to locate class A locations, entitle properties, oversee the development and construction of the projects, and create great strategic relationships.

Justin received his bachelor’s degree at Brigham Young University and a Masters in Business Administration from the University of Texas at Austin.   He is married with five children, loves the outdoors, sports and enjoys coaching his children’s soccer, baseball and basketball teams.

Dr Himabindu

Dr Himabindu Gaddipati is a practicing Oncologist in San Diego, CA. After graduating from Andhra Medical College, Visakhapatnam in 1999 she pursued post-graduate training in the United States. She completed Internal Medicine residency followed by fellowships in Genetics and Molecular Biology from the University of Pennsylvania and Hematology/Oncology from University Hospitals/Case Western Reserve. She served as a visiting scientist at the Wistar Research Institute. She was subsequently trained as an Interagency Taskforce Oncology Product Development Fellow at the National Cancer Institute, Bethesda and The Food and Drug Administration (FDA). She gained valuable insight about the regulatory requirements for marketing approval of drugs in the division of oncology at the FDA. At the National Cancer Institute, she served as an analyst for the Federal Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR Program) and also completed a certificate program in Technology Transfer. She also obtained a solid overview about the process of commercialization at the Wharton School of Business where she completed her Master’s Degree. She is an advisor to the regional high technology professional network in Southern California, CONNECT. With the full support of the government of Andhra Pradesh she is spearheading the development of a research and commercialization park. The primary mission is to facilitate the development of innovative yet affordable precision therapies for individuals in India. The project endeavors to bring together global leaders in basic and clinical research, commercialization and allied service providers on an integrated state-of- the art campus The proposed infrastructure includes world class R&D facilities, office space, allied commercial retail space and a residential community.

Vinod Yadav

Vinod Yadav has over sixteen years of diverse experience in government, public and private sectors in India and the United States of America. After working in private sector in India and United States for over ten years, he moved to India to work in development and social sectors. At present he works on education and health policies primarily in UP and Bihar.

He is experienced in economic development, quantitative analysis and business strategy. He is advisor to several governments, and international agencies such as Government of Uttar Pradesh, World Bank, Gates Foundation, Clinton Foundation, PATH in the areas of economic development, energy, public health, education and livelihood. He has worked closely with the UP Chief Minister for improving quality and delivery of public education and health services. He formed an expert group for helping the governments of UP and Bihar for combating deadly Japanese Encephalitis that kills thousands of children. His team is working with the education department and administration for implementation of Right to Education in UP. Currently he is working with the Union Health Minister Mr. J P Nadda for developing and strengthening the national cancer policy in India.

Vinod has done an extensive work on promoting development oriented political leadership in the country. He and his team worked actively in the assembly elections in UP and Bihar and 2014 parliamentary elections. In 2013-2014 they ran Lok Sangrah campaign in with objective of making voters aware and informed so that they don’t vote blindly as they have been doing conventionally.

In past, he has served many Fortune-500 and other prestigious organizations such as Tata Consultancy Services, Indian Oil Corporation, United States Department of Energy, and Hess Corporation. He also has authored and published reports for US Department of Energy. He has a master degree in International Development from Harvard University. He has an MBA in Finance, and Information Technology and Operations Management from SMU – Cox School of Business in Dallas, and BE in Electrical Engineering from Madan Mohan Malviya Engineering College in Gorakhpur, India.


Anand Dasari

Anand Dasari


Raja Pabba


Madhu Kolachina


Poornachandra Rao


Bhaskar Rayavaram


Hemanth Balla


Srini Chidurala


Mallik Banda

Shiva Meka

Shiva Meka