The following attachments gives you information on how Fluorine Free Potable Drinking Water projects can be executed and a presentation on problems with Flurosis. Below is the summary of how a generous donor can help to sponsor a water project to provide safe drinking water for poor people in villages.


Rotary pays 45% of the water treatment part of the project. Rotary picked up the projects where villages already have a well, pump house and land to put treatment plant. Cost of a treatment plant is about $3000, out of which Rotary pays $1250. In Nalgonda district, Rotary already identified about 50 villages with infrastructure support in place, sponsor pays $1750 and the balance is paid by Rotary and also Rotary will completely execute the project. In other places where infrastructure not in place or where there is no local support the cost of the project will go up to $4500. For these projects Rotary’s contribution remain at $1250 and the sponsor cost would go to about $3250+.


We request you to pick a project from Rotary selected areas and help to build a water plant for a low cost of $1750 to provide safe drinking water for 5000 poor people. Sponsors can dedicate the project to any one of their choice. It is a good humanitarian project, saves thousand of lives and saves thousands from chronic diseases.



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