NATA is a new, non-profit cultural organization serving the Telugu community in the US and Canada.

It was announced on November 20, 2010 with its registered office in Princeton,New Jersey. NATA is established as service oriented organization due to its articles and mission. Created under the stewardship of prominent Telugu leaders, Drs. Prem Reddy, Pailla Malla Reddy, past presidents and past conveners of other Telugu organizations and prominent Telugu persons living in USA for long time. NATA is involved in promoting community services, cultural and social activities, student assistance, and preservation and promotion of Telugu language and heritage in the United States, and across the globe.

NATA is more open and transparent in its structure and function. It was inaugurated on January 19th 2013 with 29 members Board of Directors and Executive committee under the leadership of President Mr. Sanjeev Reddy. Advisers, Members and Directors.prayer by Mr. Venkat Chennubhotla & Mr.Phani Dokka

The core mission of NATA is to serve the growing needs of thousands of people of Telugu origin living in North America. Membership is open to people of Telugu origin living across the globe. An estimated three hundred thousand Telugu people are living in the US and Canada, and a majority are professionals such as doctors, biomedical scientists, businessmen, engineers, information technologists, entrepreneurs, pharmacists, professors, teachers, real estate developers and highly skilled workers. NATA strives to serve them with cultural and social activities here in the US and back home in Andhra Pradesh,India.

NATA’s mission of serving the Telugu Indian-American community is achieved by organizing regional activities, meetings, and biannual conventions to celebrate Telugu culture and traditions. NATA has identified several key activities such as exchange programs for students, scientists, artists and professionals, and advancing the Telugu heritage, sponsoring events that enrich and enlighten society, and extending support back home for educational, business and overall development of Telugu communities across the globe.

As part of its mission, NATA intends to promote the Telugu language to children of Telugu origin in the United States – so that they can read and write in Telugu as second language.

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Mr. Rajeswar Gangasani Reddy,

FACP, President


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