New Jersey (September 01, 2011): North American Telugu Association (NATA) is conducting a NATA Roju on September 17, 2011 to reiterate NATA’s commitment to the North American Telugu community and prepare for the convention next year to be held in Houston, Texas. A Free Health Fair and grand cultural program is being organized on September 17, 2011 at Royal Albert’s Palace, NJ.
This is a free event organized by the NATA NJ team as part of NATA’s core mission to provide community services and charitable activities, said AVN Reddy (President) and Srinivas Ganagoni (Community Services Chair). Expert doctors will provide health counseling and advice for preventing metabolic and cardiovascular diseases, said Dr. Pailla Malla Reddy, a core advisory member and philanthropic leader of Telugu community.
This will be followed by grand celebrations being held in the evening at the same venue with cultural programs showcasing Telugu talent, said Mahender Musuku (BOD) and Mohan Patalolla (BOD). Several artists from India will be performing, including popular singers and actors. The NATA team consisting of Dr. Pailla Malla Reddy (AC), Mohan Patalolla (BOD), Mahender Musuku (BOD), Rajeshwar Reddy (EVP), Mohan Reddy Talamati (BOD), Santosh Paturi (CS Co-Chair), Sarath Veta (CS Member), Ramesh Chandra (RVP) and Shiva Meka (NJ State), Vamsi Koppuravuri (CS Member), Krishna Siddada (CS Member), Arun SriRamineni(CS Member) , Damu Gedala(CS Member) and the clinical advisors (Meena Murthy, MD, Chandrakala Kamath, MD, Varsha Singh, MSN,APN-C) are spearheading efforts to make these events a wonderful community experience, said Srinivas Ganagoni (CS Chair) and Ramesh Chandra (RVP).
Health Fair in NJ The Health Fair is organized from 9 A.M. to noon on September 17th and will provide free health screenings for an estimated 300 people. Clinical diagnostic tests such as blood glucose, BP, nutrition status, stroke, breast cancer, sleep, memory, and mood disorders, and arthritis will be conducted. The organizers request the people to bring their health information and medication list.
The medical and health advice include ‘Take Control of Your Health’, Thyroid & Hormonal Health, and Ask the Doctor or Pharmacist. Vision evaluation and dental check up are also conducted. There are opportunities to speak with the physicians for follow up meetings. Health Educational Seminars Health education is essential for prevention of infectious, metabolic and cardiovascular diseases, said Dr. Sanjeeva Reddy (MD) and Dr. Samba Reddy (RPH).
As part of the NATA health fair, educational sessions will be conducted in the afternoon by expert doctors. Dr. David Alcid, chief of Infectious Diseases at Saint Peter’s University Hospital, will speak on ‘Prevention of Communicable Diseases’. Dr. Meena Murthy, chief of Endocrinology, Nutrition and Metabolism at Saint Peter’s University Hospital, will speak on ‘Metabolic Syndrome’. Dr. Naveen Mehrotra, founder of SKN Foundation, will speak on ‘Obesity in Children’. The uniqueness of this program is that many doctors and nurses belongs to various organizations such as Saint Peter’s Health Care System, NAMI NJ, ADA NJ, Middlesex County Public Health Department, Dr. Jyotsna Thapar, AAIN-NJ2, the NJ Stroke Coordinator’s Consortium, and the SKN Foundation are volunteering to serve the community on that day.
Anyone interested in the health fair is encouraged to register for free using the following website Grand Cultural Programs The cultural programs to showcase Telugu talent will be held from 6 P.M. to midnight with a delicious dinner provided. As part of NATA’s effort in the preservation and promotion of Telugu culture and heritage, the team is planning for a mega cultural program by skilled artists, dancers and singers, said Ramesh Chandra (RVP). The team is working hard to make this event a grand success.
More details will be available at the NATA website. A free registration is required to attend the evening cultural programs to enable to arrange proper facilities and food arrangements. The registration can be done by logging onto or sending an email ( stating the number of people attending.

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