NATA Raised $600K in Dallas Fund Raising Day


North America Telugu Association (NATA) raised a whopping $600,000 for the 2016 Dallas convention to be held during Memorial Day weekend (May 27- 29, 2016), at the kick-off and fund-raising event held at the SLPS center in Irving on Friday, October 09, 2015. NATA 2016 Convener, Dr. Ramana Reddy, attributed this unprecedented success to the Telugu community of Dallas. He also expressed his gratitude to the local Telugu associations TANTEX, TPAD, DATA, and DARA, and national associations TANA, ATA and NATS, for extending their complete support to the Dallas NATA team in achieving this spectacular accomplishment.

The biennial NATA convention is expected to welcome over 15,000 people of Telugu origin to the Dallas convention center in downtown Dallas during Memorial Day weekend May 27th - 29th. The convention will be transmitted live on many leading TV channels to millions across the US, Canada, and India. Great philanthropist and Advisory council chair Dr. Prem Reddy, President Dr. Mohan Mallam and President Elect Rajeshwar Gangasani Reddy are working tirelessly in guiding the team for the preparations.

The event started with a traditional prayer by Cultural team and followed by welcome note by Darga Nagireddy, Regional Vice president. The meeting started with opening remarks by Dr. Ramana Reddy Guduru, Convener for the convention. Ramasurya Reddy, Coordinator for the convention welcomed the members and thanked them for being part of the event.
NATA president Dr. Mohan Mallam explained about various Services / Vision / Achievements, and Seva Days activities planned in India this December. The Seva days had included building water treatment plants and libraries, conducting health camps and eye camps and providing scholarships to meritorious students across Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.
Dr. Tara Reddy along with Jayachandra Reddy EC member welcomed Advisory council chair Dr. Prem Reddy onto the stage. Dr. Prem Reddy outlined objectives of NATA as an organization. He felt extremely joyous with the team and how NATA as a whole is dedicating its selfless services to the Telugu community. He also articulated that NATA was built to serve the Telugu community in North America and in the motherland.
Dr. Ramana Reddy Convener along with Ramasurya Reddy Coordinator introduced Dallas convention team Dr. Sridhar Reddy Korsapati Co-convener, Suresh Manduva Co-coordinator Phalgun Reddy Deputy Convener and Geetha Damanna Deputy Coordinator.
Lakkireddy Hanimi Reddy and TANA pledged $25,000 for the 2016 Convention. Hospitality team lead by Mallikarjun Reddy Murari pledged $50,000. Other pledges are TPAD $20,000, Jayachandra Reddy $15,000, Dr. S. Raghava Reddy $10,116, and Dr. Mohan Mallam $10,001. Several donors pledged $10,000, $5000, $2500 and $1000.
Dallas Convention Coordinator Ramasurya Reddy introduced Advisory Council, EC, BoD's and National Convention Committee (NCC), Advisory Council members AVN Reddy, Executive-Vice President Dr. Raghava Reddy Ghosala, Treasures Hari Velkur, Joint-Treasure Srinivas Ganagoni, NCC advisor   Pradeep Samala, Executive Director Rami Reddy Alla, Dr. Stanley Reddy, Dr. Rami Reddy Buchipudi, Dr. Sinivasa Reddy Alla, Venkatramana Reddy Murari, Venkarami Reddy Sanivarapu, Srini Vangimalla, Babu Rao Samala, Chinna Babu Reddy.
NATA Secretary Grish Rami Reddy thanked all the National leaders Dr. Adishesha Reddy, Chandra shaker Reddy, Dr. Chandra Reddy,   Kiran Gunnam, Srikanth Reddy, Mohan Kaladi, Prasuna Reddy, Ravi Kandimalla, Dwarka Varanasi, Kiran Kanduala, Venka Mondadu, Local NATA  Dallas Team, and many others attending the event.
Dallas Convention Convener Dr Ramana Reddy, Thanked Dr. Raghava Reddy Convention Advisor for unconditional support along with   all the national organization leaders such as TANA Past Presidents, Dr. Navaneeth Krishna, Prasad Thotakura, ATA Past president Dr. Sandya Gavva, and local organizations TPAD Rao Kalava, TANTAX Narasimha Reddy Urimindi, Dallas Area Telangana Association(DATA), Dallas Area Rayalaseema Association(DARA).
Over 600 Telugu people from Dallas metro area and more than 60 leaders of NATA from across USA attended this event. Girish Ramireddy, Secretary  actively engaged in overseeing the fund raising proceedings. Convention cultural co-chair Suresh Pathaneni and local singers Janaki Shankar, Chakapani Kundeti, Veena Yalamanchili, Asha Keerthy, Sreeni Elaswarapu, Akhil Mulukutla, Sreya Kodela, Keerthy Chamkura, and Kalyani Tadimeti enthralled the audience with melodies and classical dance performed by Rupa Banda group and Vani Iswara group. Ms. Rajeswari Udayagiri cultural co-chair anchored the event.
Local Convention Chairs did excellent team work notable  Sudhakar Reddy Srirangapali, Uma Kurri, Ravi Arimanda, Sateesh Seeram, Srinadh Reddy Palavala, Jayasimha, Ramesh Gadiraju, Srinivasa Obulareddy, Nagesh Dindukurthy deserves a special mention for their yeoman efforts for the arrangements at SLPS center. Uma Mahesh Transportation chair and Krishna Mohan Reddy co-chair took care transportation for the guests. Thirumal Reddy Kumbham and Sateesh Punnam actively coordinated media efforts. Chenna Reddy Korvi and Prasad Choppa did great job in capturing all donors' details. Ravi Kona for security arrangements. NMS Reddy, Bhaskar Gandikota, Rekha Gajulapally, Sridevi Thanepalli, Viswanadh, Madhu Mallu, Subbareddy Kondu, Veera Reddy, Venkat Reddy, Srinivasa Veerabhadra, Prabandh Topudurthy, Suresh Kaku, Satish Bhandaru, Venkat Valleti, Venu Bhagyanagar and others helped the event
Darga Nagireddy providing vote-of-thanks thanked Dr. Prem Reddy for sponsoring dinner. He also thanked all event coordinators, Pasand restaurant for their delicious food and excellent service, which was not compromised in any form or fashion in spite of the record turnout of 600+ guests, which was much more than the anticipated 400. Media partners Desiplaza, TV6, TV5, TV9, Radiokushi, Mastitime, Great Andhra, Namaste Andhra, Sakshi, TNI Live, Telugu Times, Telugucommunitynews, and Idle Brain were recognized for their event coverage.
The NATA culture of positive thinking and cordiality was evident in the informal and warm way the leaders greeted all of the attendees in a fun filled atmosphere with respect towards all. The cordial camaraderie and strong rapport between the various teams, the dynamic activities of these members, the positive energy that effuses from this charged atmosphere together left no doubt that NATA 2016 convention will set a new standard for conventions in the USA.

 Nov 3 2015