NATA offers free Immigration help to University of Farmington Students


As you may know already, houses of several University of Farmington Students were raided and arrested by DHS and USCIS. Several students from other universities who are on OPT/CPT are in panic after hearing this incident.
North American Telugu Association (NATA) has arranged a Conference Call with Immigration Lawyers on Feb 1, 2019 (Fri) between 5 PM - 7 PM (EST). Hundreds of students joined the call and Several students were able to ask the questions and we were able to get through most of the questions.
Since we have a lot of students and lot of questions and if your particular question was not answered in this call, you can send an email to following and get answers.
If you are University of Farmington Student, you can get personal consultation and initial consultation is free. Thanks to Vijay Yellareddigari and Santosh R. Somireddy for offering help. Please use this opportunity:
Vijay Yellareddigari
Santosh R. Somireddy
Please spread the word and ask the other students to use this opportunity and get help. Any additional questions: Send an email to
Please understand that the consultation given in this call is more generic information and it may not necessarily reflect each and every person on the call. You should seek the personal advice of legal counsel of your choice before acting upon any of the information given.
Indian Embassy
24/7 Help Line:
For Assistance/queries related to the detention of Indian students by the authorities.
(202) 322-1190
(202) 340-2590
If any one is detained, you can use the following link to get the location:

 Feb 2 2019